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Advantages to locating your lab on the top floor
Advantages to locating your lab in the basement

Lab Planning for Lab Managers
In the past, laboratories were relegated to the far reaches of the warehouse or buried in the basement.

In modern high-tech times, companies and institutions have sought to showpiece their laboratories as an example of the care and quality that goes into their product.

Whether your lab will be a show place or a hidden jewel, there are practical considerations for evaluating your site. LabSpace can help with your lab planning, lab design and lab installation.

The Best Layout for Your Lab
Following are two possible treatments of the same laboratory space. Layout will depend on how you use your lab space.

If you need maximum flexibility in the lab because a variety of functions occur at random times, a more open treatment, involving islands (Lab 1), might provide greater efficiency.

Lab 1: Islands | More about Lab Islands

If you need a more compartmentalized lab because functions and tasks are isolated or technicians have assigned work space, then peninsulas (Lab 2) will compartmentalize a lab.

Labspace Peninsulas
Lab 2: Peninsulas

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