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LabSpace | Frequently Asked Questions  FAQ

LabSpace: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: We need to renovate our lab but we don’t know when it will happen. When should we start planning?

A: Serious planning for a new lab can begin as soon as you have a hint of the space that might be available to you, either a blueprint drawing or an existing space, even if it is not yet committed to you. The team at LabSpace are industry professionals in Lab Planning, and would be happy to help you get started.


Q: Why start planning so soon?

A: Any renovation has many hurdles to clear and often involves an internal negotiation with your management. A detailed layout gets the process started early. It allows time for you to evaluate the plan and make changes until it directly reflects your needs and ideas for workspace, storage, and safety.


Q: We don’t want to waste time. What good is planning if we don’t know the outcome?

A: This is an important time. Once we have a working plan, we can work together to establish a realistic budget. A presentation that shows thorough planning and a workable cost can give you a significant advantage in getting the funding and space that you need.


Q: But we could be looking at an extended time frame until the lab is built…

A: True. We have seen this process take many months, even years. But it has to start somewhere and we have found this strategy to be very effective in our many years of experience.


Q: How does LabSpace get compensated?

A: There is no cost to you for our planning service. We consider it part of an extended proposal process. If the proposal succeeds and you buy the furnishings from us, your only expenditure is the cost of the equipment. We retain ownership of the drawings we create. You are free to use them for internal planning purposes with no obligation. If at the time of purchase you decide to get competitive pricing, the drawings can be purchased from us for a modest price. It costs you nothing to get started.


Q: If we order our new lab from LabSpace or an Industry Partner, what happens next?

A: LabSpace is committed to seeing your project to completion. We use experienced, trained, and courteous installers to assemble all equipment in place so that all that needs to be done at the end is the final plumbing, electrical, and HVAC hook-ups. Project management is important to us. We work with the mechanical trades to be sure the site is properly prepared and cooperate fully in making their jobs easier.


Q: What do you mean by “Project Management”?

A: A new laboratory project has many variables that can create hassles. We have evolved our service to minimize these complications. In addition to communicating with everyone involved in the project, we have developed our service levels in many unique ways. We only ship in dedicated vendor trucks that leave the manufacturer’s loading dock and are delivered directly to your site. Our installers off-load and distribute the furnishings to the installation site. We check for freight damage and shortages and can take care of any issues immediately so that the installation is not delayed. By following this procedure, we can keep you informed, usually to the hour, as to when the equipment will arrive so you can be ready for us. Hassles and delays are kept to a minimum and your project can proceed on schedule.


Q: Does LabSpace sell fume hoods?

A: Yes. We have close relationships with fume hood manufacturers and other industry partners to assure that you get the right fume hood for your needs whether it is a high school science lab or a metals processing firm doing chemical digestions. We also sell biosafety hoods.


Q: What about other built-in or support items?

A: We work with industry partners to assure that we can provide a complete laboratory service. We can supply built-in items like glassware washers and undercounter refrigerators, but also freestanding equipment like incubators, freezers, and other capital equipment.


Q: Where is LabSpace located?

A: The six New England states are where we can provide our most attentive service. But we can work with our national manufacturers to provide labs anywhere in the United States.


Q: Does LabSpace provide planning services only?

A: We can contract planning and layout services for a modest fee, especially for customers outside our local geography. Occasionally a customer will hire us to interact with their architectural or engineering firm to be assured of having the most up-to-date and modern laboratory possible.


Q: What about “green” laboratory construction?

A: There are a number of developments especially involving fume hoods that can greatly reduce a lab’s carbon footprint. We would be happy to discuss low-flow hoods, alternative HVAC systems, even recirculating hoods where applicable. There are many options available and in some circumstances financial help is available from utility companies for the initial purchase. An institution can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in heating and air-conditioning costs over the life of the hood with enlightened planning.

New! LabSpace Offers On-site Seminars on Laboratory Energy Savings:
The laboratory is one of the largest contributors to carbon foortprint in any building. LabSpace will team with its industry partners to offer on-site seminars for lab users, architects, and engineers to provide the latest information on minimizing energy usage and costs in the laboratory.


If you have other questions, feel free to contact us.


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