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LabSpace | Case Study | University of Rhode Island Providence

THE CUSTOMER: University of Rhode Island -- Providence

A growing urban campus adapting to the need for high tech education in genetics, immunology,
and cytology


URI shares a turn-of the-century building and is looking to a new building in the near future. But they had an immediate need to update their facility to attract a new breed of students and professors. They faced the dilemma of high costs for renovation in a facility with limited life, only to have to duplicate their spending in the new building.


LABMODULES: Each module can be wheeled out the door down the elevator and into the new building with no installation needed.

LAB MODULES fit the need for an effective and safe laboratory environment that can be wheeled out of the old building and into the new with a minimum of installation.

There is no need to duplicate costs. New furnishings that work for the present can also work in the future, thus saving additional costs to furnish the new building.

Modules can be equipped with an above counter framework to support shelves, wall cabinets,
and electrical and plumbing chases

Or tops can be kept open for a flat work surface

Modules are adjustable in height for sitting, standing, or special heights up to 47”

Modules make perfect platforms for instrumentation. They are strong enough to hold even the largest instrument and can be easily moved for service access.

Modules can be relocated at will – within the lab or in a new building. They can be configured as islands or straight elevations.

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