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THE CUSTOMER: Malvern Instrument

Manufacturer of Laboratory Instrumentation


Malvern was expanding to a new facility for their corporate headquarters. They had 2 major needs

  1. Provide an enlarged demonstration facility for their wide range of instruments
  2. Use the casework and furnishings in their existing demo lab to create in-house working labs in other parts of the facility

Instrumentation is important to most modern laboratories and has special needs for gasses, service access, and ventilation. Of course, appearance was important too because they highlight their product to customers from around the world.


The heart of the demonstration lab is a fixed bench with a service umbilical extending from floor to ceiling. The umbilical carries all possible services for the various instruments (and maintains room for future needs). Each umbilical chase provides ventilation that can be applied to the benches on either side.



A Lab to be proud of! Malvern showcases their lab through a glass wall.

An instrument module with gas fittings and snorkel hood

Support bench and fume hood

Reconfigured cabinets and tops from the old building

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Malvern Corp.