LabSpace | Building or Renovating a Science Lab

LabSpace: Building or Renovating

Whether building a new facility or renovating an older laboratory,
LabSpace is a trusted partner throughout the process. We listen closely to your needs and work closely with our industry partners to assure a laboratory that is safe, long lasting, on time, and within your budget.

Our customers appreciate our cost-saving advice and detailed planning information that keep costs manageable at every phase of the process. We work to exceed your expectations for customer service wherever we are involved and deliver a laboratory that meets your needs with a minimum of hassles.

New! LabSpace Offers On-site Seminars on Laboratory Energy Savings:
The laboratory is one of the largest contributors to carbon foortprint in any building. LabSpace will team with its industry partners to offer on-site seminars for lab users, architects, and engineers to provide the latest information on minimizing energy usage and costs in the laboratory.

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